Who is John Waters? "You don't want to leave me with nothing to lose." - John Waters, Ireland https://substack.com/@johnwaters

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Keep the hard copies safe. The Wayback Machine will (and has) deleted pages at the request of the owner.

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Ditto! I think we can do some great collaboration

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Great conversation with Ms Lerman by phone over the weekend...looking forward to putting out heads together on some upcoming research, strategy and more. Thanks , Ms. Lerman, was really great to meet you outside of this comment forum!

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Hello Ms Lerman,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that all of my research on this individual has been done to preserve the data found on the public internet sources and also to consolidate those findings from those sources on the night of the first PV video drop. I won't take a position on whether or not everything he shared about himself is true or not, but as PV said and as I would also say: what he said HE said, not anyone else. What I have found mostly supports what PV stated about this individual at and near the time of this collection. The only one that will ever know everything about Jordon Walker is Jordon Walker. My job is to provide what I found, cite where I found it, and when possible or appropriate, provide my best analytical assessment of what the collected data means or could mean. (I will add this: Jordon Walker is not the story I care about currently, but he has provided some excellent leads thanks to the great elicitation work of Project Veritas).

Though I never stand on the authority of my resume I will say that I am always careful about what I publish, the findings I share, and which analytic assessments I offer.

BTW, I know Brownstone well and highly respect their work. I am also a friend of several of its members, including Jeffrey Tucker. So please feel free to get in contact with me via my phone number or email (which I give permission for them to provide to you and you only) if you would like to discuss our respective findings and methodologies. Happy to discuss privately or we can set up a public discussion (which would be a great way for both of us to share more of what we know to a wider audience). It would be a great opportunity to learn from each other about our findings and methodologies and to share these with a larger audience so that they could benefit from such a discussion.

Finally, I applaud you for doing what I encourage everyone to do, always: Investigate Everything. I hope to hear from you!

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Hi Brian - thanks so much for your response and invitation. I’m so grateful for all your work and, in this case, for your collection and publication of so much info on Walker. My comments were not meant as a criticism of your findings or analysis. I was actually just trying to add a close investigative reading of all the material you provided to help decode what might be going on.

I would love to have a discussion about anything and everything we’re both interested in and passionate about! Do you want to do it here on your Substack? I don’t do social media (I have accounts but leave them dormant and only use to investigate) and I don’t have my own Substack. Brownstone is the only place I publish although sometimes my articles get republished elsewhere.

Maybe we can start w whatever you’re pursuing at the moment that’s not the Walker story.

Or you can ask me about my findings and methodologies and I’d be happy to share and discuss what I’m working on.

What do you think? I look forward to a fruitful and engaging exchange!!

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So you don't still publish for the Medical Journals? Or Razorfish Health, Endo Pharmaceuticals and so on?

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Oh please don't think I thought it was criticism, I just wanted to clearly articulate the point of my posting this info. As far as a conversation, I am a big fan of live or recorded video conversations....I am sure your eyes are as tired as mine of typing and reading on screens. Pls ask Mr Tucker to provide you my number so we can connect over the phone and try to schedule a discussion. I agree and think it would be fruitful as well! Let's do it! Thanks for replying and I truly do appreciate your input!

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Will do!

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After sifting thru many different theories and hypotheses, and based on what’s been happening today, I think I figured it out:

Republicans are desperate to out-DeSantis DeSantis now that they realize so many voters regard his Covid stance as heroic (whereas they were too cowardly to take a stand when they thought it was unpopular).

DeSantis is getting lots of traction attacking pharma/vax manufacturers.

This story, even if the guy is exposed as a fake, provides grandstanding opportunities to the likes of Rubio, so he can say he’s fighting the good fight too.

So either the guy was entrapping Project Veritas on behalf of Republican operatives or PV and the guy together worked to create a situation Republican politicians could exploit.

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What a load of tosh.

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On this note you provided I believe you have presented various theories, but, respectfully, I am not sure you have "figured it out" (I haven't, but I am also not trying to). If I may offer advice from one researcher to another, I recommend doing the following:

1. Search for additional motivations, players, and funding streams involved with or supporting such an operations, should they exist.

1. Establish and confirm any connections between any &/or all of the parties you have mentioned;

2. Research & confirm how involvement in such an endeavor would benefit each party (beyond the theoretical or even the most likely reasons);

3. Challenge and try to invalidate your findings by researching alternate scenarios.

You may be right, you may be wrong, and you may be somewhere in between. But until these theories are researched and confirmed with multiple & viable sources, respectfully, they are just theories.

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Agreed! I was just presenting my theory. In general, I like to read all the evidence very closely and then go beyond the facts and throw out ideas as to why things seem strange, contradictory or nonsensical.

My entire engagement w the Covid narrative started to get crazy when I was reading Deborah Birx’s book and everything sounded like either a lie or a cover up. It took me months of research to figure out what was going on - but the beginning was my close reading of what the book seemed to be saying vs. the subtext of what it was actually conveying.

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Hi Brian, to me it looks like nothing in his bio adds up.

Here are some inconsistencies and strangenesses about all the info on Walker you provided: (I'm of the opinion that he might very well be a fake, so we need to be very very careful - I write for Brownstone https://brownstone.org/author/debbie-lerman/, in case you need my Covid warrior bonafides.)

1) Why all the aliases? I've never met a legitimate doctor with so many different name combos

2) in the May 18, 2020 article about Covid treatments, his name as an author is listed without an MD (whereas one of the other authors has it), although he supposedly graduated from Med School in 2018.

2) His date of NYS licensure (which needs to be verified - I'm not going to do that now, but somebody should) is October 2021, right in the middle of when he's supposed to be working as a consultant at Pfizer. What's that about?

3) all his research is on urology and is very very basic - not someone a recruiter would look at and consider a candidate for a brilliant research or consulting career. Of course, there the equity and inclusion factor, but still...

4) On the match list from 2018 it says he went to USC, but his resume says UT and Yale, no mention of USC

5) the match list says he matched with a program at Tufts Medical Center and the USNews profile says he did a urology residency there 2018-2020 but his resume says he was a resident at Mass General (a Harvard hospital) June 2018-Nov 2019.

6) Urology residencies are extremely hard to get into and are FIVE YEARS long. https://www.massgeneral.org/urology/education-and-training/harvard-urologic-surgery-residency-program.

Did he drop out after a year?

7) The timing of his various academic and professional positions doesn't add up. On his resume under experience it says 6 years, but he only worked as a consultant starting in November 2021 and had a year of work 2013-2014, presumably before medical school (whichever one he might have attended - or not?)

8) none of the people he follows or who follow him are people of color. You might say this is a racist comment, but in my experience with friends who are in different racial communities, there is usually at least a 50% representation of their own racial group in their social media friend community, and usually much higher.

9) his pinterest profile has nothing that looks like he actually pinned - all totally generic

10) There is absolutely nothing about this guy before 2019 that says top pharma exec in charge or worldwide operations. Highly, highly suspicious.

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"2) in the May 18, 2020 article about Covid treatments, his name as an author is listed without an MD (whereas one of the other authors has it), although he supposedly graduated from Med School in 2018."

The only two I found were from 2016 (not an MD) and from 2018 (is an MD).

"Of course, there the equity and inclusion factor, but still..."

Yep clearly part of the reason that he's where he is. He used such terms as 'safe spaces' and 'I don't feel safe'. Clearly used woke to get where he is. Is black and is fairly obviously gay so that helped as well. Too young for the position that he has and is clearly not even that knowledgable about what he is talking about. But there's a simpler explanation, Pfizer is not a real company. They're like FTX, promoting young and clueless idiots and paying them too much.

"none of the people he follows or who follow him are people of color. You might say this is a racist comment"

No not at all, but maybe his gay tops (soz) his blackness.

"his pinterest profile has nothing that looks like he actually pinned"

No nor does my 10yo Pinterest. Who uses Pinterest anyway.

"There is absolutely nothing about this guy before 2019 that says top pharma exec in charge or worldwide operations."

He'd only just graduated (2018 by the looks of it).

You're trying too hard (is it Debbie?)

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For those wondering yes I had to pay $6.99 to post these comments but I felt some opposition was needed.

I'd add that the video seems to be from before Christmas as the decorations were still up on the restaurant windows. So Pfizer et al have had plenty of time to scrub Jordon's little footprints around the web.

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